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Enjoy the sea @ Serifos Island

We begin with our captain’s love to travel to the blue waters of the Aegean Sea in Serifos. For your safety and pleasure we are traveling to get to know the island of Serifos and not only !!! From 10.00 am until 16.00 in the afternoon we start your tour of the island of Serifos for our visit to the beach of Kentarhos until 12.30. Kentarhos is one of the best beaches on the island, not accessible on foot, located on the northeastern side of Serifos, on a green valley, with its white houses, small square, beautiful alleys and many pigeons like a painting on the mountain. The original location of the settlement was higher but was destroyed by raids of pirates. In its current location, Kentarhos was built during the 1821 revolution.

Follows the beach of Agios Ioannis until 14:30. It is a golden sand beach located on the eastern side of the island and you meet it on the way to Kentarhos. Its name is due to the chapel of Agios Ioannis located here.

Finally stop at Agios Sostis beach until 16:30. It is a sheltered sandy beach with blue waters, which many of you consider to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Serifos. Beside her,there is another small pebble beach, while opposite you have a view of the island of Vou.
Her name took it from the chapel of Agios Sostis on the side.

– During the tour you can enjoy your coffee, a cold dish with a drink of your choice, in agreement with the shipowner.

Come with us, get rid of everyday life and reflections on a tour of Serifos that will be memorable and will fill your memories album with dreamy locations and pictures !!!!

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    The boat is completely disinfected after each fare!